Lisa Marie Scott

Since her first appearance in Playboy as Miss February 1995, Lisa Marie Scott has become one of Playboy's most popular Playmates and models, appearing in hundreds of Playboy publications around the world. Below is a list of her modeling and acting work to date.
Height: 5"2
Weight: 103
Measurements: 34-23-33
Shoe: 6
Dress: 0-4
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Lisa Marie Scott

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Magazine Covers / Other Covers

Italian Playboy March 1995 cover/centerfold
Mexican Playboy February 1995 cover/centerfold
Netherlands Playboy June 1997 cover
Playboy NS: Natural Beauties May/June 1999 cover/pictorial
Playboy NS: Playmate Review June 1996 cover/pictorial
Playboy NS: BOL Top 20 Supermodels Jan/Feb 1999 cover/pictorial
Italian SE: Book of Lingerie Edition 31 cover
Spanish SE: Book of Lingerie Edition 48 back cover
The Glass Cage (movie) 1995 box cover
Playboy's Rising Stars (video) 1996 box cover
Playboy's Babes of Baywatch (video) 1996 box cover
Playboy's Playmate Calendar (video 1995 box cover
East Meets West Calendar 1997 cover
Jade Warriors Comic Book 2000 cover/character
Lingerie Calendar 2000 cover
Imagine Seduction Calendar 1998 cover

Television Credits

High Tide (1995/1996)
Baywatch Nights (1995)
Friends (1995)
Married with Children (1995)
MTV House of Style (1996)
Playboy TV Host (1995/1996)
Kenny Chesney Music Video: "I Lost It" (2000)
Curlwave Infomercial (1995)
Pay Per View: "Real Men Don't Watch Pregame" (1995)
Entertainment Tonight (1995)
Extra (1995)
Inside Edition (1995)
Hard Copy (1995)

Movie Credits

Glass Cage with Eric Roberts (1995)
Corporate Ladder with Ben Cross (1996)
Ringer with Timothy Bottoms and Malcolm McDowell (1996)

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Playboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine February 1995 Centerfold
Playboy Magazine December 1995 Christmas Gifts
Australian Playboy May 1995 Centerfold
Brazilian Playboy November 1995 Centerfold
Brazilian Playboy February 1997 Centerfold
Czech Playboy February 1996 Centerfold
French Playboy August 1995 Centerfold
Japanese Playboy April 1995 Centerfold
Netherlands Playboy February 1995 Centerfold
Netherlands Playboy January 1996 Calendar
Polish Playboy April 2000 Pictorial
Polish Playboy June 2000 pictorial
South African Playboy July 1995 Centerfold
Spanish Playboy February 1995 Centerfold
Spanish Playboy February 2000 Pictorial

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Sep/Oct 1996
May/Jun 1997
Jul/Aug 1998
Jan/Feb 1999 (Top 20 Reader's Choice)
May/Jun 1999
Jul/Aug 1999
Sept/Oct 1999
Nov/Dec 1999
Jan/Feb 2000 (Top 20 Reader's Choice)
Mar/Apr 2000
May/Jun 2000
Jul/Aug 2000
Jan/Feb 2001 (Top 20 Reader's Choice)

Playboy Newsstand Specials

Playboy's Sexy Swimsuits
Playboy's Girls of Summer Jul 1996
Playboy's Wet & Wild Oct 1996
Playboy's Nudes Nov 1996
Playboy's Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads Jan 1997
Playboy's Pocket Playmates Feb 1997
Playboy's Nude Celebrities Mar 1997
Playboy's Cover Girls Aug 1997
Playboy's Playmate Facts & Figures Oct 1997
Playmates Exposed (supplement) 1997
Locker Room Fantasies (supplement) 1997
Forbidden Pleasures (supplement) 1996
Playboy's Playmates in Bed Dec 1997
Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens Jan 1998
Playboy's Nude Playmates Apr 1998
Playboy's Girlfriends Jul 1998
Playboy's Natural Beauties Sep 1998
Playboy's Playmates in Bed Feb 1999
Playboy's Celebrating Centerfolds Apr 1999
Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door Apr 1999
Playboy's Playmate Tests Jun 1999
Playboy's Barefoot Beauties Dec 1999
Playboy's Celebrating Centerfolds Feb 2000
Playboy's College Girls Mar 2000
Playboy's Asian Beauties Aug 2000
Playboy's Playmates in Bed Oct 2000
Playboy's Nude Playmates Apr 2001
Playmates in Bed Jan 2002

Playboy Videos

Playmate Calendar (1995)
Playboy's Rising Stars (1996)
Babes of Baywatch (1996)
Asian Exotica

Other Modeling Work

Budweiser Poster
St. Ives Hair Care and Lotion Poster
Playboy Calendar 1996
East Meets West Calendar 1997, 1998
Premiere Edition of Imagine Magazine 1997
Imagine Seduction Calendar Cover 1998
Lingerie Calendar Cover 2000
Mystique Calendar 2000
Mystique Model of the Year 2000
Unity Calendar 2001
Bench Warmer Trading Cards
Book of Lingerie Trading Cards
Arizona Wire and Rope Poster
Venus Swimwear
Pirelli Tires
Eidos Interactive
FHM Magazine August 2002
Vanity Fair Magazine November 2002