Lisa Marie Scott Scrapbook photos ... added from my personal collection and handpicked for you. Behind the scenes, bloopers, candid pics, adventures, travels, childhood photos and more. See pics here that I donít share anywhere else.

Lisa Marie Scott

Behind The Scenes. Here I write about what goes on behind the planning of the shoots as well as interesting stories about particular photo shoots. Get the inside story! Updated regularly.

See all of my Mac & Bumble pics. All Backstage members will have free access to all photos of me on the Mac & Bumble website. Check out hundreds of exclusive images of me!

Movie Review. I review recently released movies as well as rentals on a regular basis. I love watching movies so itís a lot of fun for me to do thisÖ..Get to know how I rate various movies and see if you agree or not.

Lisa Marie Scott Lisa Marie Scott