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Q. How does recurring billing work?
A. Your credit card is billed about 6 days prior to the due date after your initial sign up. If you want to cancel, make sure you do it at least 6 or 7 days prior to the renewal date. This is because authorizations don't always go through the first time, much like reswiping your credit card again because it didn't take right away in a shop. This way the system has one chance every day for 6 days till the due date to get a successful authorization. This is to prevent having your password cut off where there might not be anything wrong with your credit card.

Example: You are billed on 01-01-2001 good for membership till 02-01-2001. You will get billed on 01-26-2001 good for membership till 03-01-2001. You will get billed on 02-25-2001 good for membership till 04-01-2001.

So you would get billed 3 times for a total of exactly three months worth of membership. If you did not do it right and your credit card is charged for the next month, send us an email BEFORE the next term starts and we'll do a return. Once the next month of membership has started, we cannot do a refund as you have already had some of the time you have paid for.

Q. What happens if I cancel my membership?
A. Your membership will be active until the end of your current membership term. Example: If you joined on 01/01/2001 and you cancelled on 01/15/2001, your membership will still be active until 02/01/2001. You will be charged for one month.

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Q. What is your privacy policy on the information you collect?
A. Any information collected is used only for purposes of this site and will in no way be shared with other websites or companies. Please see Terms and Conditions for further information.

Q. What should I do if I am having problems viewing the video clips in Backstage (my members area)?
A. Make sure you have QuickTime installed on your system. If you go to my Video Clips page, click on the icon to download it for FREE. Your browser must also be JavaScript enabled.

Q. When should I expect my merchandise from your store to be delivered?
A. All orders take approximately 2-6 weeks for delivery due to my work schedule and to ensure official authentic autographs.

Q. May I post, publish, upload, reproduce, copy, edit, transmit, or download any of the images or material on this site?
A. You may not post, publish, upload, reproduce, copy, edit, or transmit any image or material on without the written permission of Lisa Marie Scott. Members may download one copy per image or material for their personal use only. Please see Terms and Conditions for further information.

Q. Can I share my username and password with a friend or others?
A. Your membership information is for you only. Any member who shares their username and password with others will forfeit their right to membership without a refund. We have several ways of tracking logins and whose username/password is being used by more than 1 person.